1800mm metal ornamental windmill

1800mm Tall Metal Ornamental Garden Windmill

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This is one of our most popular Metal Garden Windmills standing at over 1.8 meters tall tall it has a wind fan with a span of half a meter wide. Modeled after the famous Southern Cross windmill this ornamental windmill with it’s long kicked back blades to keep it full on to facing into the wind at all times this model windmill is terrific for a pond or water feature. Must be secured to the ground with pegs to stop it being blown over.

This 1.8m tall model windmill will definitely set the scene and give that  authentic Australian country feel to any home or commercial outdoor garden area. We think that there is nothing more dramatic than a silhouette of a Australian Windmill across the sky at an evening sunset.

The 1.8m Garden Windmill  is delivered in one box with a total weight of 10kg’s.

An easy to assemble 5 piece kit means a 5 year old child can put together.

This item is currently out of stock and will be restocked late next month. Please note there is a 4 week wait period on this item and sales are pre-order only.

*Colours do vary