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Here at Garden Windmills Australia we have Miniature Garden Windmills For Sale ranging in sizes from 3 foot up to 10 Foot tall models. Free Shipping on All Orders!

All our Model Windmills are based on the traditional Southern Cross Australian Windmill found on many farms and stations across Australia.

All our Garden Windmills For Sale are made from durable metal and can be painted over if required. If you are looking to Buy Garden Windmills be sure to select one that suits your needs and size of your garden.

Our most popular model garden windmill is the 2500mm model garden windmill which is suitable for front yards, water features or ponds.

So thank you for choosing Garden Windmills Australia, we hope you enjoy our model windmills are much as our other customers and we look forward to hearing and seeing your new addition to your garden once installed so be sure to send in your photos.